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1. Living or characterized by preying on other animals: a predatory insect; predatory instincts.
a. Living or characterized by plundering, pillaging, or marauding.
b. Living or characterized by the exploitation of others for personal gain: predatory business practices.

[Latin praedātōrius, plundering, from praedārī, to plunder, from praeda, booty; see ghend- in Indo-European roots.]

pred′a·to′ri·ly adv.
pred′a·to′ri·ness n.
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that algorithms have been used as a tool to predatorily target
Especially arresting, he contends, is the way the "sightlines irrevocably draw the viewer's gaze to the buttocks of the youth," together with the manner in which "the intense gazes of the group of male spectators," guided by the rug on which the child stands and the position of the flute, "converge on the boy's unseen penis." This highly directed sightline, Boone states, ensures the collapse of the distance between the intrigued Western viewer and the Eastern male figures' consumption of the snake charmer's prepubescent privates: "Just as the [male spectators'] eyes are predatorily directed to the boy's genitals, our eyes are directed toward the boy's buttocks" (343).
This suggests when the authorities have more restrictions on their power, it becomes costly to collect bribery, or predatorily extort the businesses.
There's a hint of uncertainty lingering in the air; confrontation is predatorily lurking around the corner.
Others argue that the public might fund networks at predatorily low
Some members of the audience, as I recall it, were predatorily eager to learn about STS and ANT, as it were raiding the 'cabinet of curiosities' in STS and taking them back to employ them in IR.
This is particularly explicit in the 2010 Girl Effect campaign video 'The Clock is Ticking', (52) in which a black stick figure, marked as a girl-child by her 'two bunches' hairstyle and triangular 'dress', abruptly grows breasts when she 'turns twelve', faces early marriage and childbirth, and, most strikingly, is then menaced by sinisterly elastic black hands which extend predatorily towards her body from all directions.
The SPLM/A sought to construct 'liberated zones', which it administered militarily (and often highly predatorily) (Reno 2011: 29-30).
The legal theory of primary-line injury depends on the assumption that a multimarket firm can reduce its price in one geographic market to inflict harm on a localized rival.36 The idea is to price predatorily in one market and finance this venture with profits earned in other, less competitive markets.
We guided our Partner Companies to: conserve cash; operate aggressively and predatorily to gain and hold customers; and seek accretive, cashless acquisitions to take out weaker competitors.
Passion's juxtaposition of good, normal and/or heterosexual characters that embody traditional gender norms, with a queer character representing pure evil--one that even mocks the traditional family image with a horrific satire of Madonna and Child, manipulates children to do his/her will, and predatorily works behind the scenes to attack Christanity and impose an evil agenda-plays into these politics.